Reflective Therapy Head Massage Biomat Therapy Quantum Healing

Reflective Therapy

Stress/Anxiety • Loss • Relationships • Substance Abuse • Trauma

Reflective Therapy is a unique approach to mental wellness. The sessions are concerned with physical, emotional, and mental well-being and beneficial to everyone who is in need to address, explore, and resolve challenging daily life’s issues. It is recommended to over the age 16 (unless accompanied by a guardian or parent with full consent). Reflective therapy allows the client to see the issues from different point of view and gives an opportunity to take a conscious lead in decision making. 

Reflection time in the session and application of seven core principles are used as tools to support the client while focusing on bringing desired outcomes. During and after the session the client experience stress relief, mental clarity, emotional stability, and relaxation on physical level. 

Authentic Indian Head Massage

Headache • Focus, clarity and vision • Relaxation • Stress relief • Reduce muscular tension

This is an ancient therapy based on the ayurvedic principle from India. This complementary therapy covers a range of mental, physical and emotional issues and concerns. From stress relief, physical tension and mindfulness.  It is good for everyone over the age of 16, unless accompanied by a guardian or parent with full consent.

Authentic Indian Head Massage is an ancient Ayurvedic form of mental, emotional, and physical healing through a series of practical techniques. This is more of a therapeutic massage which is beneficial to anyone seeking to harmonize body’s natural balance and improving overall well-being.

Techniques used in the session cover the back, neck, shoulders, head, face and ears. Slowly massaging these areas can reduce muscular and nervous tension, detoxifies the body bringing into peaceful and calm state of being. It offers clear focus, clarity and vision.

Biomat Therapy

Tension Relief • Mental Calming • Relaxation • Pain Relief

The Biomat is internationally approved medical device that combines Far Infrared Light, Negative Ion technology, and Amethyst Crystal healing power. The Biomat delivers calming, deeply-penetrating heat while stimulating regeneration of damaged cells in human body. It is safe and natural way to attain ideal health now and keep a stronger, more resilient body in the future.

The Biomat is a great healing tool for everyone (children and seniors must be under supervision) and could be beneficial for those who suffer from stress, fatigue, muscle spasms, lack of sleep, sprains and strains, pain associated with arthritis. It could reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation, support immune system, soften connective tissues to improve flexibility, boost energy, improve blood circulations and oxygenation, and facilitate cleansing and toxin removal.

Within minutes laying on the Biomat, the feeling of complete relaxation overtakes assisting release of the tension in the physical body, and nice calming sensation of the mind.

Quantum Healing - Coming Soon

Attachment clearing • Toxins • Pathogens • Advanced trauma release

Quantum Healing is an energy healing system created by Healing Solutions (HS) that detects a human’s blocks to healing from physical, emotional, mental, relational, and spiritual difficulties. The process puts human body into deep state of healing bringing back to original healthy condition.

The client received healing instructions via healing code and practical orientation in change of a lifestyle that brings the healing. 

Quantum Healing brings a change in spiritual consciousness where a person stops repeating old patterns of disease in body and mind experiences which, leads to transformation and freedom.