About Us


Level 3 Diploma Reflective Therapy.

Level 3 Diploma Authentic Indian Head Massage.

Certificate Quantum Healing (ongoing).

Certificate Mindfulness.

Level 3 Accredited Trainer Programme.

Level 3 Diploma Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology.

Level 3 Diploma Health, Safety and Hygiene.

Level 3 Diploma Professional Business for the Wellness Practitioner.

About Dragonfly Therapy

Hello and welcome to Dragonfly Therapy. I am very excited to have you here and pleased you are taking steps to the betterment of yourself, on your journey to healing, transformation, growth, and self-development.

My name is Neringa J. Dan and I am a professional therapist and practitioner of mental, physical and emotional therapies. I am based on the magnificent island of Tenerife in Spain. I work on a one-to-one basis and in person as well as using various online platforms to assist my international clients.

My qualifications range from BA to Diplomas which have been acquired over the past 20 years from different parts of the world including the UK, USA, Lithuania and Spain. I continue to update my educational and practical skills through continual professional development (CPD) on both a personal and a professional level. This enables me to support, advise and guide my clients with the latest and best tools. I am multilingual and therefore able to communicate with those who speak English, Lithuanian, Spanish and Russian.

What Therapies we offer

I inspire personal growth, healing, transformation and positive personal and professional lifestyle changes. Whether it is emotional stability, mental strength, clarity, or physical body healing. My work with the client is to bring a balance (homeostasis) to the human body through accessing my various toolkits and therapies. From working with different nationalities and communities around the world I am in unique position to guide and support those from various cultural backgrounds.

Client support is an essential part of the therapy therefore by providing undivided attention while holding a safe space and complete confidentiality is key to the process. One to one consultation allows me to learn about any issue or concern requiring immediate attention. So, each session is uniquely adapted for the individual needs of the client.

The client is encouraged to express themselves as we go beyond the surface, looking deeper and from different perspectives on the issues at hand. I focus on achieving the best outcome for the client’s wellbeing, whether it is a fast or slow change, appropriate steps are taken to support each client on their journey to healing and transformation.

Each client can rely on professional guidance with a multitude of resources and tools at their disposal to achieve the best outcomes for longevity. A combination of therapies to include, reflection therapy, mindfulness, coaching, mentoring, and practical treatments such as Indian Head Massage and Biomat can assist in the healing process of mental, physical and emotional healthcare and wellbeing.

I would expect a commitment from each client to create trustworthy and a professional relationship. In return, I provide each client with a privacy, safe environment, and attentiveness.